A few examples of our work

Full garden design:
This garden was lacking interest, with a big hedge taking up lots of room and a non-descript wavy border down the north facing side, where it struggled in the shade to provide much needed colour. The design solution involved creating an oval shaped lawn, with a curved path wrapping around it, providing hard standing access to the shed all winter and relieving the lawn from overuse. The new borders were filled with a selection of herbaceous perennials, climbers, evergreens and annuals to give the garden all year round structure and appeal. Within the first year the garden was already attracting lots of wildlife, and smiles from everyone who entered it.

Amersham garden before the redesign

After planting:
Amersham garden after the design and build

After one year:
After 1 year

Hard landscaping design:

The client had a modest sized garden which was very sunny but had no terrace for sitting or entertaining. She was delighted with the unique curved design which fitted beautifully into the space, making it feel larger, and giving her plenty of room to entertain friends and family.
Small garden before redesign
Whitefield Garden after the re-design

Small garden after redesign

Planting Design:

This client with a large garden wanted to have a large island bed full of colour in the summer months. The challenge was that it would be enjoyed from a terrace a full 25 metres away, across a huge lawn, so it had to be really impactful and colourful. During the autumn the site was assessed, many existing plants relocated and a design drawn up and agreed with the clients. The bed was fully revamped and prepared for the new plants in the autumn, and by spring the following year it started to come into life. In its first year, the bed is already looking good, but there is much more to come!

After 9 months:

Living roof installation:

When revamping this garden, the client was keen to keep solid eco-credentials and so we advised on the build of a living roof for the bespoke shed. We built up the substrate layers and installed a carpet of flowering sedums that not only look lovely, but take no maintenance at all. Win win win, for the clients, the local insect population, and anyone who can spot this roof from their windows!

After 3 months:
Green roof installed by Chiltern Garden Design

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