12 reasons why you should consider using a Garden Designer

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Perspective drawing - garden design

Calling in a professional garden designer has many advantages over taking on the planning of your garden yourself. Even if you’re familiar with plants and how to grow them, a garden designer can add to the planning and design of your new garden in many ways. For example:-

  1. Bringing fresh and creative new ideas
  2. Considering new ways of using your existing spaces and plants
  3. Coming up with new ways to make difficult areas more manageable eg slopes and shady spots
  4. Saving money by not spending your money on the wrong things, or seeing possibilities in things you hadn’t spotted
  5. Making your money stretch further – it’s not always necessary to have a huge budget to make (or at least plan) a beautiful garden. Imagination and a little knowledge is often all that’s necessary
  6. Bringing together your home and garden into a cohesive, seamless design
  7. Creating a garden that suits your needs – low or high maintenance, child friendly or super sophisticated!
  8. Understanding the do’s and don’ts around neighbours, boundaries, and how to avoid disputes
  9. Having the low down on planning and other legal matters surrounding your build
  10. Being an independent intermediary you can trust to keep your chosen landscaping contractor on time and delivering to agreed quality standards
  11. Creating clear plans for landscapers and other professionals (eg specialist fabricators) to work from to achieve the design vision
  12. Making a garden that is completely unique – to you!

If you’re unsure what you’d like from your garden, or how to achieve what you’re sure you do want, give Chiltern Garden Design a call, today.

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