Why use a Garden Designer?

Employing the services of a professional garden designer will enable you to get the garden you’ve always dreamed of. A bespoke garden that truly fits all the needs of you and your family. 

A well-designed garden not only adds to your all year round enjoyment of your home’s outside space, but also adds value long term and helps it to become more sale-able if the time comes to move on.

A knowledgeable and qualified garden designer will save you money and help you avoid the many and varied pitfalls of DIY builds which could end up causing you headaches due to unforeseen problems, poor material choices and reduced longevity overall. 

Trained in horticulture, spatial design, practical build techniques and graphical visualisations, and able to collaborate professionally with other consultants such as architects, planning consultants and interior designers, a professional garden designer will add value by creating a scheme that is coherent, practical and beautiful, tying together your house with its outside space in a usable and appealing way. 

Garden design inspiration - Cottage Garden Style
Garden Design by Chiltern Garden Design - Cottage Garden Style

How the design process works at Chiltern Garden Design

First we arrange a design consultation. This involves meeting you for a chat and taking a deep look at your existing garden. We will ask you all the important questions about how you would like to use your garden space and what your dream garden will feel like (the brief). After this meeting we’ll set out our fees and process of working in writing, confirm the brief as we understand it, and ask you to confirm our appointment as your designer so we can begin work. A topographical survey will be a necessary next step before we can start drawing up any designs to scale.

Next we use our design skills and expertise to create a design solution that flows, feels right, is in the right proportion to the available space, and creates the sort of atmosphere you’d like. We’ll present this as a concept to you for agreement, along with mood boards, before working up the details such as choosing specific materials, paving patterns, defining levels and sorting out things like drainage. Further detailed plans are then created for soft landscaping (planting), lighting and irrigation as needed to complete the scheme. At this point we can arrange for contractors to quote for the creation of your garden. We will liaise with your chosen specialists and supply them with all the relevant details, drawings and scale plans that they need to build your design.

We will monitor the build process to completion so that your garden matches your expectations.

We select specimen plants and trees, lay out and oversee the planting of the soft landscaping (planting) ourselves, to ensure that the finished result is of the highest quality. And when the build and installation process is over, we will ensure that you have a suitable maintenance plan in place to ensure your garden continues to delight and inspire you for years to come. 

Some of the factors involved in planting design decisions
Some of the many factors involved in planting design decisions

Example design work:

Grade II Listed Events Venue Grade II Listed Events Venue Small Contemporary Garden in Surrey Large country garden in the Chilterns – Click to view details3 and a half acres in the Chilterns A very large garden in the Chilterns (3 and a half acres)


Interior & Exterior Design

Looking to create a seamless flow from inside to outside? Chiltern Garden Design recommends SLC Interior Design, a creative interior design consultancy headed up by the experienced and super-talented Interior Designer Sarah Craddy. We can work together to create the perfect design, from inside out.