Adding lighting to your garden

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Garden lighting adds an extra dimension to the enjoyment of your garden.

During the summer months and well into autumn, your time spent outside can extend well into the dusk and beyond, as lighting enables you to not just see what you’re eating and where you’re stepping, but also creates a gentle atmospheric glow.

Trees uplit make a striking statement
Little Chalfont side garden lit at night

But there’s another time of year when garden lighting is really key and that is the long dark winter months. When it gets dark so early, we tend to focus on our indoor lives. Switch on garden lighting to pick out features and highlights structures and textures in your garden, giving you something to enjoy beyond the four walls you’ve been squeezed into. Suddenly a black emptiness is filled with items of wonder.

Amersham Garden Lighting
Amersham Entertaining Garden lit at night

When designing lighting for gardens, we consider so many aspects, from functionality and creating atmosphere, longevity and maintenance, switching and zones, wattage, lumieres and voltage, to wildlife and dark skies. If you’re curious as to how garden lighting can really add another dimension to the enjoyment of your outside space, contact Chiltern Garden Design.

Pond lighting
Underwater lighting