The property, a former royal residence, is now used as a venue for celebrations of all kinds. Weddings and other events held here should have a joyous feel and guests entering the garden should feel a sense of excitement and childish discovery, whilst at the same time enjoying an opportunity for quiet relaxation and intimate connection away from the hubbub of everyday life. A place where time stands still and we are connected to the elements as well as to each other.

Taking as inspiration the curved front wall of the Drawing Room, sensuous shapes of curved paths intertwine with water rills and pools around the whole garden, drawing the guests into a flowing journey of discovery and connecting each area to the next. At each turn the vista changes, and the planting subtly reflects a change of mood.

From a formal terrace with a subdued and muted colour palette and fresh, textural evergreens, the eye alights on a dark shimmer of falling water.
Water connects all parts of the garden, flowing gently over the edge of a bronze trough into a curving rill, which disappears momentarily underground and reappears around a bend. Dropping into a pebble hollow, the water resurfaces as a bubbling spring, then an oxbow lake with reflections of the plants and sky, culminating at a natural pond.

At each of these points the surrounding planting becomes looser and more naturalistic. Perhaps here, ushers can feel the capacity to loosen their bow ties and bridesmaids may undo their braids, relaxing a little in these more natural surroundings. As the celebrations continue after dusk, the water glistens, the trees shimmer and the terrace is aglow with soft light.

Aerial perspective of Grade II listed building

Courtyard view

Waterside view

Views across the gardens

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