If I could grow just one edible…

It would have to be these Tulameen raspberries. They take up very little space, and are so profuse, so large and so delicious. The best tasting raspberry I have ever eaten. They fruit from mid June until the end of July, typically producing a punnet a day, enough for on your cereal at breakfast and with yoghurt for dessert, every day for 6 weeks!

I do grow lots of other fruit, vegetables and herbs, but these raspberries are by far the most prolific of the lot, and less trouble. I planted 6 canes a few years ago and they have proliferated, but in a manageable way.

Unlike vegetables, they don’t require much maintenance, and certainly not that whole performance of growing from seed, pricking out, potting on, hardening off – which most people just don’t have time for.

Tulameen raspberries

Tulameen raspberries

There are other kinds of raspberries, but I don’t find them as tasty. I do grow an autumn fruiting variety as well, called ‘Ziva’ which lengthens my picking season, and which also seems to fruit in the summer too, for fear of having its nose put out of joint by the Tulameen!

All you have to do is cut down the old fruited stems in the autumn and tie in the fresh green ones into supports (I use simple bamboo canes). Then wait till summer and gorge yourself stupid every day! I put a bit of netting over them to prevent the birds from eating all of them, but there’s enough to share with the wildlife!

So what’s stopping you? Grow your own raspberries and you’ll never want to buy those soggy overpriced squashed things from the supermarket ever again!

Raspberries galore! Plus a few mange touts and redcurrants for good measure.

Raspberries galore! Plus a few mange touts and redcurrants for good measure.

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