This Amersham back garden was lacking interest, with a big hedge taking up lots of room and a non-descript wavy border down the north-facing side, where it struggled in the shade to provide much needed colour. The hedge was scheduled for removal, including fully extracting the roots which sucked all surrounding moisture and nutrients out of the soil. The creative design solution involved creating an oval shaped lawn, with a curved path wrapping around it, providing hard standing access to the shed all winter and relieving the lawn from overuse. Now the south facing side of the garden could be filled with a riot of colour, with layers of planting set to create interest though the seasons.

The new garden’s borders were filled with a carefully selected range of herbaceous perennials, climbers, evergreens and annuals chosen for colour, form and to give the garden all year round structure and appeal, in the popular cottage garden style, including lots of roses, peonies, salvias and foxgloves billowing gently through the borders. Within the first year the garden was already attracting lots of wildlife, and smiles from everyone who entered it. As the garden matures, the borders have filled out with a range of perennials, shrubs and grasses, creating a crescendo of colour, form and texture from early spring to very late in the autumn. 

  • Amersham Garden Design Transforming a dull and boring back garden into a stylish all year round garden for the senses.