Courtyard Garden at Amersham Hospital

A lush immersive space for NHS staff to enjoy a break from their work.

Chiltern Garden Design was invited to help transform an unloved, weedy and unused space at the heart of Amersham Hospital.

We were asked to design a lush courtyard space that aims to create an immersive natural experience. Our planting design features tree ferns as the key species to add a touch of drama and height, with foliage providing much of the interest in the planting beds.

Staff are invited to take a moment to step out of work mode into somewhere completely different, a world where large leaves mix with textural forms and bright pops of colour to create a sense of escapism.

Planting forms a richly textured surrounding to the seating areas, as well as creating habitat for birds and insects.

This project at Amersham Hospital would not have been possible without the hard work and contributions of many people including the Amersham Hospital Gardens Project volunteers, work parties from Stoney Dean school run (by Chiltern Rangers), funding from individual donors as well as the Buckinghamshire NHS Trust Charitable Fund.

It has been pleasure to have been able to contribute to the transformation of this space to benefit the NHS staff.

Project Testimonial

"It is an absolute pleasure to be able to break up the day, take off the suffocating face mask and sit in this wonderful space and breathe! It is the highlight of the working day and I know others that are also enjoying this space!"

Dermatology Nurse at Amersham Hospital