The owners of this large house and garden in Chesham Bois loved their garden but a large oval planting bed in full view from the main terrace was overgrown and not providing the wow factor they were looking for. They brought in Chiltern Garden Design to overhaul the bed completely, designing planting that would work hard throughout the growing season, combining colour, form and structure with good horticultural practice to create a stunning view from the house. The display is designed to peak in late summer, when the owners spend the most time enjoying their garden. We designed a river of rich blue Salvias snaking through the space, towered over by spires of Aconitum, Delphiniums and Lupins, which segue into Echinaceas, Japanese Anenomes and Persicaria to add interest later in the season.

  • Chesham Bois Planting Design A riot of colour was created all summer long.