We believe that everybody deserves a beautiful garden.

Right now our gardens are more important than ever to our physical and mental well-being. Why not take some time to discover just how amazing your garden can be, with a little help from Chiltern Garden Design?

How does garden design work during Coronavirus?

Whilst we are in this unfortunate crisis, we will be taking care to ensure that the safety of our clients, as well as ourselves and our colleagues is not put at risk. We can undertake consultations by phone, zoom, whatsapp video calling or skype as required. Site visits are permissable only if the garden is fully accessible without going through the house. Social distancing will be practised at all times. Completed garden design work can be presented remotely, via video conferencing and shared digitally with our clients and contractor colleagues.

Keen to use this time to explore how your garden could be transformed?

This is a weird time. We are all spending more time at home, with our families, with less focus on the daily grind and more on physical and mental health. Now is a good time to consider what you might want to get out of your garden. How can it be put to better use, to give you pleasure as you look out of the kitchen window, a space to get away from the madness going on in the outside world, a refuge for you and your family, a place to grow healthy food and to nourish the soul? Speak to Chiltern Garden Design to discover more about how we can transform your garden into a lovely private green retreat.